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Ursea: “We’ll get out of this situation”


January 17, 2021

Ursea: “We’ll get out of this situation”

Here are Adrien Ursea’s words in the post-match press conference after the Gym’s defeat to Bordeaux (0-3).

How do you explain that second half?

We feel like when we do the right things we aren’t rewarded, like at Metz; and when we struggle a bit more, we get punished to the fullest. I think it comes with the situation we’re in. I need to find the solutions. It’s my job to show the way to get out of this situation.


We need to focus on the positives because despite the fact that results aren’t here there have been good things in all of the games barring the Lorient game. It’s the only way to move forward. The problem is that we’re in this period currently and we’re doubting ourselves. I feel like we’re taking one step forward and two steps back.

You never found the solution to stop Adli today?

It was an issue. When you analyse the first goal we conceded it was a defensive mishap. We tried to win the ball back when we should have just dropped back and close the spaces. We tried to fix that at half time because we identified it could be an issue. Because of the doubt that we’re feeling at the moment we made the wrong decision today. And that meant that we were punished after that.

You went to a four at the back straight away. Why was that?

We went to a 4-3-3 because we had to change something and try to be more potent going forward. When you’re in that kind of situation you’ve got to try things and not just carry on getting dominated. It would have been worse to not try something. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Will you go back to a four in defence in future?

I don’t know. There are other factors to think about but considering the situation we were in we needed to change something today. In fact you need to try to break the rhythm and I decided to change the system.

Players like Kamara, Atal, Reine-Adelaïde or even Boudaoui are talented players, why is it that they’re struggling to show it?

We know what they can do. Our opponents were very tough today too. I said it before the game that they have a very experienced manager. He surprised us and we managed to deal with that challenge. But as soon as we conceded everything went up in smoke. Those players like to have the ball at their feet and that’s why they can’t show their talent as much.

Is that Jeff Reine-Adelaïde’s best position?

We’re trying to find Jeff’s best position. We played him out wide at first and then in the middle to give him more freedom. It’s about the whole team though. Jeff did what he could but he was tough with how aggressive they were. He couldn’t find the right pockets of space. On the few passages of play he had he showed some good things.

Your team didn’t cause Bordeaux many problems…

It’s tough to break that team down, and this defence led by Koscielny and Baysse. The one thing I do regret is the attacking situation we struggled to take advantage of in the first half. We made the wrong choices though. We could have caused them problems at the end of the first half.

Does your squad’s youth cause you issues?

I would say it’s more about the doubt not as much the youth. When you lack those years of experience it shows in moments like these but I don’t want to use that as an excuse. I think that you either have good players or you don’t. For example William is 19 years old and he was solid at the back. To be honest when I see his aura and maturity I didn’t see a lack of experience. At the moment the smallest thing means that we’re making wrong decisions, wrong choices. We rush our runs and the way we put our foot on the ball. We need to get back together stay calm and find solutions. There’s no point in panicking by saying that it’s a desperate situation.

Is it not the case?

No, not at all. Once more I wasn’t in despair after the Lorient game or after the Metz game when we played well and drew. I’ll keep that same mentality: I’m still sure that we’ll get out of this situation.