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Malang checks in


March 18, 2020

Malang checks in

In self-isolation at home, like the whole country, Malang Sarr called us on Tuesday afternoon to give us his latest news. Health, training, end of the season, the 21-year-old Gym defender gave us his thoughts.

"It's a little bizarre to be in self-isolation, but it's for the good of everyone. We've never gone through something like this. We have to be careful and patient. I saw the President's two speeches on TV. Frankly, it's quite something. It's rare to hear him talk like that, with such strong words. If he did so, it's because the situation is serious. Now, this is the reality, it's up to us to go through this time by taking the most precautions possible.

"I haven't gone out since Friday evening. I've been at home with my family, we haven't moved. The staff have given us all a training schedule to respect, we have a session each day. We're all trying to keep in contact, players and coaches, to talk to each other. Like everyone else, we're adapting. We're finding solutions together, such as working on this or that. If we have questions, the staff are there, we talk, listen, and support each other. And more than just the training sessions, we want to keep ourselves informed and find out how everyone is feeling at this difficult time.

"I train at home or nearby, in the garden or in the hills, so that I can get some fresh air without bothering anyone. It's up to us to work well, pay attention to our recovery and our bodies, because it's our work tool. We have to keep in good shape physically so that we're ready to start again at any time, because we don't know how long it's going to take.

"It's a bit like the close season, except the season isn't finished. We're in the middle, and we have to do all we can to stay in shape. We were at a key moment of the year, we were ready to go to Paris and put in a good performance…and then the break came. It's normal, because in this situation, football isn't the most important thing.

"The club presidents are going to find a solution and I hope we'll be able to play the end of the season. We're keeping our sporting ambitions in the back of our minds, but the main thing is everyone's health.

"Personally, it's never happened to me that I didn't go to the club for such a long time…even during my holidays, when I'm here, I drop in. We'll see how the situation develops, but it's true it feels strange. And it's even harder for those who play abroad and who are far from their loved ones.

"Right now, the city is almost deserted, that's good. We all have to respect the instructions, and if we do that properly, the period of self-isolation will be shorter than expected and the situation will resolve itself.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to send a message to the people of Nice: take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We're with you, and I hope we'll see you very soon again at the stadium. Issa Nissa!"