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Rivère: ‘A mercato for fine-tuning’


December 12, 2019

Rivère: ‘A mercato for fine-tuning’

During Riza Durmisi's presentation press conference, OGC Nice Chairman Jean-Pierre Rivère used the opportunity to update everyone on the latest Gym news.


We are in a world today where everything is going a little too fast. We have no patience. When you build a project with INEOS that is medium- to long-term, you need time to do things. Riza's arrival is one step, but you don't see everything that is going on behind the scenes at the club and everything that is being built, because a project is built step by step. It takes time. Perhaps our discourse has not been clear or loud enough. Recently, the results had been positive, then not so good: we must not forget how far we have come. We talked about a transition season, that's true and it still stands. Riza is one of the elements that have been added to the puzzle and there will be others later. We have had a few good years and there are good years to come.


The winter mercato, as has already been said and repeated several times, is a marcato for fine-tuning. In addition, I see amounts of money circulating that make your head spin. All I can say is that we will work hard and try to do our best. We have a battle plan, we will try to put it in place, but as a general rule, we should not rely too much on the amounts of money you see bandied about. As a matter of principle, I never talk about the mercato and even less about the sums of money involved, because the worst thing about communicating with a club is to announce what you are going to spend. What we're going to try to do is put together the best possible team. If there are any adjustments to be made, we'll make them, but don't expect a huge mercato this winter, or a flood of arrivals.


It makes me smile, it comes back every day in the papers. It is announced one day there, another day elsewhere. We joke about it together (looking at Patrick Vieira, sitting next to him). And more seriously, we're not even asking ourselves if he's going to leave. There is no debate. (Talking to the journalists) You make a huge deal out of this, all of you. I see the articles blooming, each one a little different. Whereas for us, it’s not even a topic of discussion. The coach is here, happy to be here, and we are happy to have him here.

After that, of course, all projects can evolve. I don't have a crystal ball. But today, Patrick Vieira's future is not even a question for OGC Nice until the end of this season or later. Maybe you can say that this lacks foresight on our part, but in any case, it is not our current thinking and it is not a subject of discussion.

There was a time when we had bad results and you all asked yourself the question: "When are you going to sack Patrick Vieira?” That means you don’t know us. We have already demonstrated in the past that when you choose a coach, you don't do it lightly. From time to time, there may be times when things don't go so well, but we are confident about the future. I see too many people thinking, "We lost two games, what do we do?" We have a project, we are implementing it. What is important in bad times is to be there, together, unified. The coach, we've given him this message several times. I repeat there is no debate on this subject.