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P. Vieira: “On the right foot”


July 8, 2018

P. Vieira: “On the right foot”

“Satisfied” by the performance shown by his players against FC Stade Nyonnais on Saturday (2-4 victory), Patrick Vieira decrypted the fixture, before focussing on his first week as coach of OGC Nice. 

Coach, how do you analyse this first outing?
It’s a source of satisfaction, because there is always a certain amount of apprehension before a first game. This match allowed us to improve physically, and to try to put things into place. There were good things today, because we tried to play. It was important to continue with the philosophy put in place by the club in the last few years, by playing football and having options around the ball. We were very good mentally, because the players looked to play even when they were tired after the week that has just come to a close. We need to continue to work like that.. 

What objectives did you set yourself before the encounter?
Above all, to not pick up injuries, because in pre-season, players work hard, very hard. Then, we needed to apply what we had worked on during the week, in terms of pressing, timing, and our reaction to losing the ball. There were some really good things.

“The players are very receptive and concentrated”


This fixture came at the end of the first week of training this season. How have you found your first steps with this squad?
Very good. It was a very good week. I was very happy, because the players are very receptive and concentrated. We have got off on the right foot.

In training, the ball was already out a lot of the time, to the delight of the players...
We try to work on the physical aspect with the ball and to bring a lot of fun to our training sessions. I am happy that the players are enjoying working hard.


“To start to get to know us”


The trip to Divonne-les-Bains has just begun. What are your hopes for this week?
We will analyse this first match, with what we have done well and less well. The important thing for me is that the players understand our way of using the ball, but also our style defensively. We will try to improve day by day, week by week, and match by match in order to be competitive. This trip will also allow us to start to get to know us. We will talk, it’s important for a squad.