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Liu Ye under OGC Nice


February 26, 2017

Liu Ye under OGC Nice's charm

Liu Ye, a huge star of Chinese cinema, was a guest of the club for the visit of Montpellier. The comedian has a strong link with Nice, with his wife, Anais, originating from the city. 

Having fallen in love with Nice, a city which he visits regularly with his family, he is officially a tourism ambassador for the Côte d’Azur amongst his countrymen and women who follow his every move on social media. To give an idea of his popularity, you only have to see the 50 million people that follow him on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter).

Faced with the press from Asia who had made the long journey especially for him, Liu Ye took on the role of tour guide on Friday afternoon in the centre of Nice, showing them "his Nice".

A citizen of honour of the ciy, the actor was then met at the stadium with his close family and friends by Alex Zheng, shareholder of the club, and Jean-Pierre Rivère, alongside whom he would spend the drama-filled evening.

But before all the excitement capped off by Le Bihan, he also was to receive several surprises. Because after having met Mèfi and receiving a shirt from Dante in the centre circle, he was delighted to watch on with pride as his son, Noé, only six years-old but already very popular in China after he appeared in a reality TV show with him, lead out the players onto the pitch. 

Both would bring luck to the Aiglons who secured victory in the final moments of the game.

A finale and atmosphere that left Liu Ye hooked under their charm, something that he was pleased to share with his fans in China on Saturday, making it "top news" on Sina Weibo during the week-end…