Galtier: "It's taking shape”

Christophe Galtier gave his analysis of the game after his players' 4-0 win over Bordeaux on Saturday.

Christophe, you have won again and are still undefeated this season.

That's three wins. We had a difficult preparation in terms of results and the content of the games with a squad that had several players scattered around national teams and a lack of form, but they came back with great determination. From what I could see, especially after the match in Reims (0-0, first matchday of Ligue 1) which was very average, it's taking shape in the state of mind, the intensity and in what I want to see from the team in terms of the level we have to get to.

Is this a response from your group after last week’s events?

There was no answer to give to anyone. There is obviously some disappointment about the game against Marseille, but we had to quickly get back into the competition and prepare for the Bordeaux match in a totally different context, without a crowd and with all that this can generate in terms of pressure and motivation. We were looking to get the players ready against a Bordeaux team who were 2-0 down in Marseille before drawing 2-2 and who had been quite good against Angers in a very compact system. We had to find space in behind and that's what happened at the start of the match with the first two situations and the goal. Then we relaxed a bit, we let ourselves go and were put to sleep by our opponents, we didn’t work as hard and Bordeaux could have scored quickly from a great move. Maybe the match would have been different. The score is important, but the way we play is important. We took the right opportunities, but there is still a lot of work to do and a lot of adjustments to be made. We have to be uncompromising in terms of precision on certain things. But that's being picky, I'm very happy with the victory, the result and the fact that we didn't concede.

Your wingers in particular caused a lot of problems for the Bordeaux defence.

It's the way the players are. Justin (Kluivert) plays on the opposite side and is good inside, Hicham has this ability to take space in behind. We worked on that, but working on it in training and applying it in a match are different things. Credit to the players.

The players’ state of mind and the desire not to take a goal was there until the end despite the score, with in particular the Mario Lemina getting a yellow card to stop a Bordeaux attack.

In this attack, Hassane (Kamara) couldn’t get there and behind him Mario gets a card because Pablo (Rosario) gives himself away too much while he is on the ground with cramp just before. I'm very careful with cards because suspensions can happen quickly. The players are going to leave for their national teams and a series of matches will come up. We're going to have a run of games quite close together and we have to avoid this kind of card. We must have better control of the game. At 4-0 with two minutes to go, these are cards that seem insignificant, but which can become a big issue.

Thuram played as a central defender, today he scores a goal. Where might we see him next?

He could be a starter in this position. He is a young player with incredible potential. He is very impressive every day in training, he enjoys working with the group and he is very receptive to what I ask from him. There might be some frustration because he started the first game and was not a starter anymore, but he is a player in the making with a lot of potential and I hope he keeps this desire and this state of mind to progress because he is a very good player. Khephren didn't surprise us, but he was very cool in front of goal and he has the ability to break lines.