Nice - Marseille

"Our responsibility is to be focused on the pitch".

Four days after the incidents that marred the game between Nice and Marseille, Christophe Galtier and Dante spoke of the team’s state of mind before the game against Bordeaux. The coach and the captain want to remain focused on the game.

After Nice - Marseille, Christophe Galtier did not want to talk about the incidents with his group: "I congratulated them on their behaviour and I asked them not to comment on anything," explained the coach in a press conference on Thursday, who "appreciated that the players behaved in a supportive and responsible manner.


The rouge et noir coach was quick to turn his attention to preparing for the match against Bordeaux, urging his group to ignore "what is being said and written." "I made sure to keep the group focused on the match. We only looked back at the match and at what happened in it, both the good and the not so good. Galtier focused on the sporting side of things, and the behaviour of his team on the pitch, as he discussed with his players "what needs to be improved upon and what needs to be consolidated. I focused on what happened in the game with my staff and I told the players that they had won it on the pitch."

During a “short" week, the technician "quickly wanted to get rid of Sunday evening". And this in order to approach the rest of the season confidently: "obviously we can be affected by what happened, but now we have to look ahead. We have a championship to compete in and we are competitors. From Sunday to Saturday, we had to focus quickly on the Bordeaux game. We are in a good frame of mind, and we have to maintain and develop it to be able to go into the international break with, if we win (against Bordeaux), a very positive result.


Despite the "obviously unfortunate" events, Dante explains that the collective response was to get to work as soon as they returned to training, without worrying about the consequences of the incidents: "The players are focused on their task and worked well during the week. We have a very well-structured club with people who are capable of solving problems like these. In front of the press, the captain notably insisted several times on "the responsibility of the group to be 100% focused on the games."

Thus, the Rouge et Noir made a point of talking about the game and addressing the sporting aspect. Dante then explained that the Aiglons had "reviewed the footage from the match against Marseille from the beginning of the week in order to analyse what could have been done better and what was done well."

The Brazilian insisted that he was not worried about the potential negative consequences that the events of Nice-Marseille could have on the Aiglons’ results: "The group is not going to say that what happened has had an effect", the captain insists, "these are excuses, I'll tell you right now and I won't accept them. We take our responsibilities; we focus on the field and continue to give everything as we have done so far."