Laborde by a nose!

Gaëtan Laborde was voted Aiglon of the Month in April and is off to a good start in May. Le Gym's striker was once again voted Man of the Match, at Nice - Rennes (2-1) with 26% of the vote. He has a strong head and a valiant heart, and continues to score without batting an eyelid.

Laborde: the idea, the execution, the result! On Saturday, his goal summed up the danger Gaëtan can bring - even if that doesn't say everything about what he brings to the team, such is his determination to win every ball, offensive and defensive, throughout the match. Nice's No.24 never took his eyes off the ball, even though the rest of the players and the crowd thought Moffi was going to win it in the air. In the end the Super Eagle was a whisker short, but the man from Mont-de-Marsan got it just right. Good appreciation of the trajectory, a good tackle, a firm foot and in off the far post: Laborde once again hit the target and put his side in front yet again.

His 13th goal with Le Gym - his 15th of the season, counting the two he scored at the start of the season for Rennes - puts him in a class of his own: that of men who break the ten-goal barrier with regularity, regardless of the club they turn out for. This is of course an excellent thing for Le Gym!

Badredine Bouanani, who bagged his fourth assist in 15 L1 games, was ranked second in the poll (24% of the vote). The 18-year-old Fennec continues to make a difference, both with his dribbling and his passing game.

Finally, Hicham Boudaoui (23%) rounds out the podium. The Prince of Béchar was the Aiglon who recovered the most possessions against the Breton side (9), and used them with elegance and efficiency (93% of successful passes).