Digard: 'Get the job done in front of our fans'

After the match, Didier Digard gave a long analysis in a press conference.

Could you have maybe won it tonight?

First of all, I think we could have won. And then I step back and realise that OGC Nice are in the quarter-finals of the Conference League, we drew away and we are disappointed. It proves that we have ambition, that our state of mind has changed. It's also important to know that to get this result away from home is still very important.

The regret is that we conceded two goals without really being outnumbered on a few otherwise harmless moves... The first goal came from a long ball and the second from a cross without much pressing...

That's exactly it, if there's a disappointment tonight, it's the goals conceded, where we have to do better. We can't dip like that or repeat these kinds of mistakes. I repeat once again, we have to be aware that this is a European quarter-final. They are a very good opponent and we must not leave them any room to manoeuvre, or give them any hope.

Moffi's double was one of the satisfactions of the evening, and it confirmed that he is up to scratch on the European stage...

It's one of the satisfactions of course, he scored two fantastic goals. I think there were other players tonight who gave more than promising performances. We were up to the task. We would have hoped for better but we will get the job done in front of our fans.

'I was quite positive with my players because I am really confident'

Didier Digard

What did you say in the dressing room after the match? That everything is still possible, that there's a massive job ahead?

They were a bit like me. At the beginning, I felt they were very disappointed. I'm happy, it's very good to be disappointed, it proves that we want to do better. But I reminded them of the context, where we were, what we were playing for and above all what we still have to play for. I was quite positive because I am really confident.

You play against Brest on Sunday (15:00), but there are still a lot of injured players. Might you play the young players and give some others a rest?

I don't know what to say because on the one hand, I want to win in Brest. I'm convinced that in the league, we can still achieve something - everyone will drop points on the way. On the other hand, what reassures me is that I can count on everyone and that whatever the players are present, they will perform. I'm not going to ask too many questions today because that's not our mentality, but when you lose a lot of players, you have to be careful.

You have a lot of injured players in the wing-back sector, and you've conceded a lot of goals from crosses in the last few games. Is there room for improvement in this sector?

Yes. Still, they are different goals. The one in Paris was a low first-time cross and the one today, we gave the player time and it's a cross to the far post, so it's not the same. But anyway, we know that whatever happens, we will target this position because we have a lot of injuries. I would like to stress the state of mind of Pablo Rosario today, who is really disappointed that he didn't close down his man on the second goal and I think that's fantastic. I don't blame him at all because for a player who is not in his preferred position, he did more than just help out. He contributed a lot.

Can you explain the tactical change you made in the first half, bringing Hicham Boudaoui on?

The idea was that Youssouf (Ndayishimiye) was tending to drop back into defence and protect them. And my mindset, on the contrary, was to the the game to our opponents. I preferred to switch to Hicham, who is used to it. And Youssouf got us pressing, because he wasn't thinking about helping the defence any more. I think we had a better balance this way and having Hicham to play out of defence is always a treat. I think I didn't do too much wrong by doing that.

Terem Moffi scored two goals - how did you feel about that spectacular bicycle kick? Beyond his goals, are you satisfied with what he can bring to the game?

If I had to pay for my ticket to be at the stadium today, I would have got my money's worth and I would have been very happy to have bought my ticket. It's the kind of goal you don't see very often. When you're lucky enough to see one like that, you have to enjoy it. We're here to put on a show and I'm very proud of that. Then, yes, I'm satisfied with what Terem is doing but he's still going to progress and learn. He is in a different situation now, it was transition football with Lorient, whereas it's more about possession with us. There are some moves he has to work on but we can only be satisfied with a striker who scores goals. I have always been confident, you [towards the journalists, editor's note] a little less so [smile].

Did you want to sit on your lead a bit in the second half, especially after the hour-mark?

No, absolutely not. In fact, it was Basel who completely changed their game plan. We started the second half very strongly and we totally deprived them of the ball. And by coming out looking for us, they got a bit tired and so they put their foot on it a bit more and that bothered us. We didn't have any particular danger apart from that second goal, so it's a disappointment. But there was no desire to cruise on our part, that's not at all the speech I gave at half-time. It's just that Basel changed their will to embarrass us.