Coach Favre's reaction after Benfica

Here is Lucien Favre's analysis after the Gym's 3-0 loss to Benfica.

"We saw some good things, especially in the second half. We could have scored one or two goals if we had played very well. The team was very young in the second half, it wasn't bad at all. In the first half, Benfica were superior, but you have to remember that they are a very good team, they eliminated Ajax in the Champions League, while Ajax had eliminated or beaten two Champions League rivals two or three weeks before. Benfica are not just any team. They play the ball well, they are very offensive, and we had a hard time, I must say. There were some tactical errors, which is normal for this first game at a good level, but we recovered well in the second half, and that's what counts. We had a few chances, a few good shots, some good moments, it's a pity we didn't score a goal because it was starting to get very interesting. We play again on Saturday (against Fulham, kick-off 9.15pm French time), we don't have much time. We'll start with the team that finished tonight, against Fulham, a team that went up to the first division, it will be interesting to play against an English team."