Press conference

Didier Digard: 'We should have done much better'

Didier Digard spoke in a press conference after Nice's 1-1 draw in Angers in Ligue 1 Uber Eats Round 29 action.

What did you say to the team after the match?
We must have a competitive spirit and remember that Ligue 1 is difficult. You can't let an opponent have any hope. You can be three-nil up after ten minutes of play but if you don't crush their hopes, you expose yourselves to the danger of a come-back. And if you're machine gets jammed, you end up having a very unsatisfactory afternoon.

Did the players get a bit complacent after the first quarter?
I don't think so, and I don't dare to imagine it. We lacked rhythm, that's for sure. We weren't good in the challenges either, we should have had a lot more intensity. But I don't believe that my squad could get complacent, I just don't believe it.

We expected a reaction in the second half...
Yes, I did too. Maybe it's my fault, I should have intervened earlier, changed the system and the players earlier. I can't blame only the players, I have my share of responsibility, but it's true that I really expected to see something else in the second half. And what bothers me is that for once, we were up against an opponent who didn't just sit back and defend and that's why it's a real shame for us to drop points today. 

Did you talk with your players about the goal you conceded?
I haven't had the discussion yet but whatever happened, it shouldn't have happened. We're in a situation where we want to get points. If we're hoping to make the teams in front of us nervous, we can't afford this kind of thing. They got the ball across the line. It's a real shame but even without this goal, we should have done much better than we did today. 

The front three of Laborde - Moffi - Pepe: expectations were high but things did; t really work out. Are they not used to each other?
Where I am annoyed is that we felt in the first half that Nicolas Pepe had the key to the game. He was dangerous all the time, he ran his man ragged and we really didn't use him enough for a player who is in that kind of form. You have to read this kind of thing inside the game and you have to see which player is looking sharp, which one has the upper hand on his opponent and unfortunately, we didn't use him. 

Not the best way to start the home stretch of the season: it's your fourth draw in a row in Ligue 1 Uber Eats, even if you are still unbeaten in 14 matches...
Honestly, I don't care at all. We are competitors, we hope to achieve things and when we do not, we are necessarily very disappointed. We have to get over it quickly and get on with analysing what happened.