Favre: "There's not enough play”

Here is Lucien Favre's analysis after the defeat against Monaco on Sunday (M6, 0-1).

Another difficult evening: is it a big disappointment for you tonight?

Of course it was. I'm very disappointed. You can always lose a game but it's... We weren't good with the ball and we weren't good without the ball, so it was inevitable. It's hard to win like that.

Were Monaco too strong tonight?

No, not at all. We could have at least drawn 0-0. We didn't create many chances, nor did Monaco, but what bothers me is that we lacked possession, movement and technique. We lose balls in situations that are not acceptable. We need to work on losing our markers, it's very important.

You've been saying that for several games now. Are you worried?

I'm very disappointed when I see the game. You can lose a game but... it wasn't good. I recognise that.

Is the worrying thing that there was no reaction after the Monaco goal?

Yes, it's true, you can say that. But I'm not going to talk about that now. For me, it's about the group: there's not enough play, not enough penetration, not enough movement, not enough decisions to take the ball and to go for it. Of course, the players are getting tired playing every three days, but you can't give that as an excuse. It's not possible.

It's about desire, losing your marker. Sometimes you have to ask, sometimes you have to come back, so that the they have a problem. We have to do that much better. Wanting the ball to keep hold of it and above all to create danger. I don’t think we did that enough.

Is it the fear of playing poorly?

It's possible for some who are tense or nervous, but I don't think so.

What was your original plan: wait and counter?

No, it wasn't. We knew they were playing 3-4-3 but at the start we thought they were going to play 4-2-3-1. We tried to press them. I wanted us to press them, to go higher with the midfielders and the wing-backs. That didn't work out too well. To get the ball back, you need everybody to work at 100%, if someone doesn't do their job, you're screwed.

The role of the wing-backs is very important in this system...

Of course. The only match we have won was in Lille with 3-5-2. Tonight we played 3-4-3 because I wanted to play a bit more offensively. It wasn't great. In these systems, of course the role of the wing-backs is important. They also need to have opportunities to play with the players in between them, to do one-two's with the winger... There has to be runs in behind.

On Thursday you face a tough opponent...

In any case, it won't be easy. It's Cologne, a very physical  and very solid team. They had a good season, they are good again this year. It's not by chance that they're here, they're a team that plays several systems as well, two. They also have quality, two very efficient and powerful wingers. We play in four days.