Press conference

Galtier: 'The desire to succeed together'

Here is what the coach Christophe Galtier had to say in the press conference after Nice's 1-0 win in Bordeaux.

It was a deserved victory but your team took a long time to put it into practice...

My team played well, in relation to the game plan, which was to quickly counter Bordeaux's movement and avoid being overly affected by their low block, with their long game and second balls. In this sense, the team worked well, we harassed them for as long as possible, to try to get the ball back as soon as possible and as high as possible. For 35 minutes in the first half, we were in control, we created chances, unfortunately we didn't hit the target, one was saved on the line by a Bordeaux player, without conceding any big chances. I liked the way we took over in the second half with that desire to press our opponents, this desire to get players into the penalty area. And there, we lacked accuracy, there was a good save by Benoît Costil, and we lacked the ruthlessness to add to the score, because there was a chance to do so. From the moment Bordeaux were behind, it was going to open up in a big way. Unfortunately, we couldn't add to the score because of clumsiness and being a bit unlucky. This gave them hope until the last few seconds. In the last 10 minutes, the two teams were split in two. There was space. We could have taken advantage of it better.

Did your team do enough to be fully reassured before a French Cup final?

My team is working. There is a lot of intensity and hard work. My strikers have worked incredibly hard. Is my team confident for this Coupe de France final? With three games to go, we're on 60 points, two points off the podium. There are two home games left after the final: Saint-Etienne and Lille. There will be a final trip to Reims. Even if everything is not perfect, there is a certain state of mind, a certain will to do things together, to succeed together. Sometimes, there is some clumsiness in those final moments, but there is at least the desire and state of mind to want to do things together. As I speak, we are starting to think about the final. We have a week to prepare as well as possible for the final and to put in place the game plan against Nantes. It is an important game, a very exciting one to play, so we will have to prepare the group psychologically to be ready and to play well in the final.

Did Daniliuc leave with strapping?

No, it was nothing serious, it was a kind of cramp. Even though he has done us a lot of good this year, he has played in a position that require other efforts, other high intensity runs compared to the central defender position. I suspected that he would suffer physically. That was the case, but there is no injury.

Andy Delort has scored 5 of your team's last 7 goals...

He's an experienced player, who never gives up, who knows how to be opportunistic, who makes sure that we move forward, we look for his depth, to find space, to help our team block get higher up the pitch. Kasper was interesting between the lines, but unfortunate in the great chance he had. There were some good combinations, but it's true that Andy is on a good run. Let's keep it going!

Is it frustrating to have such a great offensive line and to have to settle for such a narrow victory?

Yes, because there are those who start and those who come in during the game. Compared to a few games ago, when we had difficulty creating chances, here we are creating chances. Unfortunately, we can't finish many of them, but from experience, the most important thing is to be able to create them. That's good. Success will come, but yes, it's frustrating, and the game becomes difficult because we can't get the second when the opposition is in great difficulty.

Does Khephren Thuram, given his evolution, really have a more important role in the middle?

He is having a very good season. He started off slowly, with a lot of competition. He is a totally different midfielder to his partners. He can be played with every one of them. He has this ability to play forward, to break the lines. He is progressing game after game. He is a very young player who is improving and trying to develop all the time.