Press conference

Galtier: "Maybe it's a sign..."

Here are the thoughts of Christophe Galtier following Le Gym's 1-0 win over Troyes.

You are still in the race for the podium. Between Lorient and today, you could say that it's almost "miraculous"?

Yes, because these are games where we could have drawn. Even on the last chance for Troyes. But through courage and self-sacrifice, we managed to win, both against Lorient and this afternoon, in the final minutes. It's good that we're in the race, obviously, because it's an objective that has been clearly defined with the group. Is this objective too high and puts too much pressure on our players, especially in attack? We couldn't open the scoring after some clear chances, which makes it obviously difficult against a well organised and very competitive Troyes team, who also came to win and could have got a point, especially from the last chance. When I analyse our progress and what's happening at the moment, we don't go from being sick to being cured. We are convalescing. In terms of spirit and energy, against Lorient like today, we managed to win in the last few minutes. I also thought that my team had a good attitude and a good state of mind in the derby against Monaco at the beginning of the week. You said the word "miracle", we'll accept that. If it can help us to be in Europe at the end of the season, it will be good. It was a very difficult match, where we could have opened the scoring and been better. But to snatch victory in the last few minutes like that is perhaps a sign, with a great determination from the group, especially from the subs who brought, as against Lorient, dynamism, desire and determination. That's how we managed to win.

Bruno Irles was complaining a bit about the refereeing. What is your view?

There can be frustration. But today, the referees have all the tools to make decisions in the moment, even later with the VAR. I also thought that on the other hand, there were some contentious moments in the box, for us, which could perhaps have given us a penalty. The referee, either way, took his time before making decisions. I can understand Bruno's frustration at leaving without a point in such a situation. But my players gave everything they had until the end to try and win and they did. 

The substitutes in attack were again decisive. Will it be important in this final sprint?

Yes, it's very important, especially as we're struggling a bit in this area. For a very specific reason, some players were on the bench today, it was because of the risk of getting a card and being suspended for the final. It's important to have almost the entire squad available for this match. That's why four players didn't start the match (Bard, Daniliuc, Thuram, Lemina). At a certain point, we had to bring on players. In addition, we were on the third match of the week, I was convinced that we had to inject fresh blood and unpredictability. This often comes from youth and from players who are sometimes not playing much but who give a lot in training. The group appreciated the attitude of the subs.

But are Gouiri and Dolberg lacking in confidence?

This is the most difficult thing for a coach. There is the work of the coach but also of the player, to become aware of certain things. Kasper played very well, I found him interesting in situations where he was between the lines, like I enjoyed some situations where Amine was between the lines. Unfortunately, they lacked end product. Maybe they are a little tense in their final moves, in their control of the ball. We have to work on that. For us, the staff, we have to support the player so that he can be more relaxed in the final act.