J-P. Rivère: 'Everything came together'

How do you feel after the team qualified for the semi-finals?

It was a really great evening, a very good game, an incredible atmosphere, and a very good result. We conceded early, but we saw that didn't affect our fans' passion. On the contrary. And you could see the importance of the fans in a game like this. I must congratulate them for their constant encouragement of the team. If in the future we have the same kind of game as we had against Clermont and we have such strong support behind us, I don't think we'll slip up as we did last Sunday.

You had reminded everyone that all eyes would be on Nice this evening..

In recent days, the aim was that which we had outlined: experience a great evening of football. And to do that, the security needed to be impeccable. That was the case. Our services worked very well, the authorities too. And there wasn't much time to get organised given there was only a week between the draw and the game. This collective effort meant all the fans could have a very enjoyable evening.

Everything came together…

Yes. What is better than a stadium like that, encouraging their players with such passion? The incidents of last August do not at all reflect Nice fans. Let's not forget that before what happened against Marseille, we hadn't been in front of the Disciplinary Commission for seven years. Our fans gave a great image of football on Wednesday. The image that we all know.

How was it to meet your Marseille counterparts again?

What happened happened in the first game in August, but we've more than buried the hatchet. Everything went well at every level.

And the draw?

Everyone knows that the legend of the Coupe de France is made of suprises, of the big boys falling. We absolutely must not underestimate our opponents. That would be the worst thing to do. Versailles haven't got this far by chance. We have to have the utmost respect for this team. If we show the same committment, the same desire, as we we did on Wednesday, then we'll have a better chance of winning. On the other hand, if we start to look beyond the semis, we could suffer a very nasty surprise.

And Lyon are coming…

We're competing on two fronts, the cup and Ligue 1. We slipped up against Clermont at home last week. That made us lose the little cushion we had. We need to reproduce Wednesday's performance against Lyon. We have to get back in the hunt, and that means getting a result. It's a very big game, very tough. Lyon need points and will have the same desire as us to perform. We have to focus on that and forget the Coupe de France. We'll have long enough to talk about that between now and the start of March.

Unfortunately, our fans are not allowed travel, which means our players won't have a significant amount of support. We saw that already against Marseille. It's not good. These decisions are a subject which all clubs need to think about to enable football to have great evenings like this quarter-final with fans present. Whether it be at home or away.