“Transmit your history, your traditions. Honour your roots, your ancestors, your name. Face up to adversity, doubt and sadness. To shake yourself up and tell yourself some home truths. To share your  hopes, dreams and successes. To grow together. That is family.”

That inter-generational feeling of belonging, that idea that each and everyone of us has a part of the Red and Black club in us. A memory that takes us back to childhood. A moment spent with a father, a friend, a stadium. The feeling that time is historic, an almost mystical moment, an unforgettable feeling.  
This feeling that only members of a family are able to experience.

“Family, I hate you, family, I love you, family, I’ve got you.” chant the legends of French literature. Le Gym, with 115 seasons behind them, don’t escape this sacrosanct rule of belonging that is both unconditional yet hostile.

Family is what is left when everything else has gone. That reassuring link. Family goes to our very core, growing stronger year after year, and becoming eternal. That link that we also pass on through the blood the flows through our veins. 

First of all silent and nagging, the clamour rises. The murmurs become shouts. Cries of love. Cries to rally. A cry to everybody, all on the same level, supporters, staff, players.