Former Aiglons Association

Continuing to have fun and helping associations is what allows these former OGC Nice players to wear the rouge et noir colours and prolong the pleasure of football.

The Former Aiglons Association was created in 1998, during the famous victory of the French team at the World Cup, thanks to three founders, friends and enthusiasts of the Gym for whom they had played: Alain Wathelet, Robert Barraja and José Raybaud. 

The aim of the association is to bring together many players who in the past have defended and represented their club with honour and commitment. 

Today, the association, chaired by Patrice Alberganti, has nearly a hundred members, who attend monthly meetings, which are lively and convivial, but also during regular training sessions at the Francs Archers, on the fields usually used by the Gym's Academy.

Objective: help & fun

At OGC Nice, the Alumni are an integral part of the club and they contribute fully to the social policy put in place by the Gym.

For the past 20 years, the former players have regularly taken part in the club's events in favour of charitable associations, with a dual motivation: to enjoy playing together again and to get involved with people in need. 

It is among themselves or alongside current Gym players that they participate in charity tournaments, visit suffering children and get involved in various social activities.  

All the events in which they participate are reported on the club's official website and social networks.

A special place and eternal recognition

If the Gym is where it is today, it owes it to all those who have contributed throughout its history to its construction, stone by stone, in good times and bad. 

In this respect, OGC Nice reserves a special place for its former players and each home match is an opportunity to remember and honour them. 

At each match, one of them is invited to meet the supporters at the Café des Aiglons and then to receive the commemorative trophy of the Ancien Aiglon, at the end of the players' warm-up, in the centre circle. 

A place where they can meet and experience the matches together is also reserved for them in the Garibaldi stand.

In order to ensure that a player's time at OGC Nice lasts beyond the number of seasons he spends there, each player who joins the club becomes an automatic member of the Former Aiglons Association.


Honoured in 2018/2019

Marama Vahirua, Cédric Varrault, Cyril Jeunechamp, Sammy Traoré, Milos Djelmas, Dario Grava, René Bocchi, Frédéric Tatarian, Henri Savini, Ederson, David Bellion, Stéphane Collet, Noé Pamarot, Marc Molitor, Laurent Gagnier, Mustapha El Haddaoui. 


Association Organization

President: Patrice Alberganti
Secretary: Patrick Aboujdid
Treasurer: Alain Wathelet
Vice-Presidents: Jean-Philippe Mattio, Thierry Cretier, Philippe Durante
Coach: Jean Serafin
Internet, Communication: Patrick Lafourcade