Supporter chants

They lift the team to victory. The melodies and the words remain in our heads all week until the next game. Here is a selection of videos, home and away, of some of the chants of the supporters of OGC Nice.

« Un jour pas comme les autres... » (A day not like any other...)

« OGC Nice, je t'aimerai... » (OGC Nice, I will love you...)

« Nice gagnera » (Nice will win)

« Dale Nikaia »

« Allez l'OGYM, allez » (Go, OGYM, Go!)

« Le Gym va marquer... » (Le Gym are going to score...)

« Mounta ! Cala ! »

« Nissa la bella »

Original version

Le Gym's club media team has scoured the playlists and compiled a new list of songs that will no doubt sound very familiar… So, think you know which original songs inspired the chants at the Allianz Riviera? Find out here!!