The caravan of sport

Since the 2014/2015 season, OGC Nice has supported the "Caravan of Sport " organised by the Alpes Maritimes Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee (CDOS 06) every summer. This event promotes sport for all children in the Alpes Maritimes

Every year, the CDOS 06 organises the Caravan of Sport, which takes place during the school holidays as follows:

  • 4 stages during the winter and spring holidays
  • 27 stages from the end of June to the end of August

The Caravan passes through around 30 communes throughout the year.

During each stage, numerous sporting disciplines are offered free of charge to children aged 4 to 14 and supervised by qualified instructors. A workshop to raise awareness of life-saving techniques is also organised with the Alpes Maritimes fire brigade.

The aim is to enable young people who do not always have the opportunity to practise these sports to do so in a fun way, and this throughout our department, whether on the seafront or in the countryside. The Caravan of Sport also encourages an increase in the number of young members of Côte d'Azur clubs.

OGC Nice is associated with this beautiful event each year by offering a club shirt for each stage of the Caravan of Sport.

Several Aiglons also attend the different stages of the Caravan of Sport to meet the children, sign autographs and take photos with them. Through its presence on the stages, the Gym helps to reinforce the children's enthusiasm and their participation in the Caravan of Sport.

the CDOS 06

The Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee (CDOS 06) is the decentralised structure of the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and represents it throughout the department.

As such, the CDOS 06 has the task of implementing the guidelines and actions initiated by the CNOSF, taking local specificities into account:

  • To contribute to the defence and development of the departmental sports heritage.
  • To represent departmental sport in all matters of general interest, particularly with the public authorities and official departmental bodies.
  • To spread the fundamental principles of Olympism defined by Pierre de Coubertin and set out in the Olympic Charter, particularly with regard to sport for health and the prevention of doping, the fight against all forms of discrimination and violence in sport, environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • To undertake on behalf of the departmental committees and bodies, or with them – and in respect of their prerogatives – all activities of common interest, in particular those of a nature to encourage or organise the initial and ongoing training of leaders, officials, managers and technicians, or to provide effective assistance for employment, research, forecasting, documentation and communication.
  • To do all that is necessary for the development of the idea and practice of sport within the department

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