Since 2009, OGC Nice has supported the Association Adrien (Adrien's Charity), which helps hospitalised children suffering from various serious illnesses in Nice and organises activities and excursions throughout the year to boost the children's morale and offer much-needed support to the families as well.

Each year, Le Gym invites children to come to training and meet the players, take selfies and get autographs in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Families supported by Adrien's Charity are also invited to see Les Aiglons play at Allianz Riviera and enjoy 90 carefree minutes.

Since 2015, Le Gym's players have also accompanied Adrien's Charity for their visits to the Archet 2 and Lenval hospitals to meet with unwell children.

In 2017, the club increased its commitment with support for the Maison Adrien (Adrien's House) project. Walter Benitez was the patron of the project for the 2020/21 season.

L'association Adrien

Adrien's charity was founded in 2005.

Each month, the charity's volunteers visit the Lenval hospital and Archet 2 hospital in Nice disguised as superheroes and princesses to bring a little happiness, colour and positive energy to all the young heroes and heroines.

Adrien's Charity also wants to launch La Maison Adrien (Adrien's House), a holiday centre with a superhero theme, open to welcome sick children and their families all year round.

It's an innovative project that will allow families to escape from their daily troubles, take part in various activities in the house and also meet sports men and women, singers and artists…

The charity is currently looking for a site on which to lay the foundations of its future House.

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