Aiglon of the match Lens 1-3 Nice: You voted for Cho!

With two assists, Mohamed-Ali Cho is your Aiglon of the match from Nice's 3-1 win against Lens. The 20 year old winger received 51% of votes.

A stamp by Medina was enough to get him into the game from the outset. His response came after 11 minutes, when he snatched the ball from Medina's feet, drove forward with it at full speed and set up Moffi. Generous, explosive and hard-hitting, Mohamed-Ali Cho was your Aiglon of the match for the trip to Bollaert-Delelis. It was a trip in which he made even more of an impact at the start of the second half, when he intercepted another Artesian pass inside the opponents' 25-yard box. It was both a defensive and attacking move for the former Angevin, who sent Khephren Thuram through on goal. It was a move that turned into an assist when the international midfielder opened his foot to widen the gap in the Gym's favour.

Terem Moffi, who scored his 8th and 9th goals of the season, came 2nd in your poll (21% of the votes). The "Super Eagle" made a truly great comeback at just the right time. He was effective, accurate and gave off a feeling of power that benefited the team as a whole. Pablo Rosario (14%) rounded off the podium as a symbol of the group's solidarity. Impeccable defensively, sporting and often very accurate, the Aiglons' No8 won the 3-0 penalty after yet another well-executed duel. A true leader.