Press conference

Farioli: "Nothing to criticise the players about"

Francesco Farioli spoke to the media after Le Gym's first defeat of the season, suffered on Saturday evening against FC Nantes (1-0).

Coach, it's your first defeat of the season and the first time you've conceded a goal since the match against PSG (Matchday 5, 2-3). Do you think it was deserved?

A deserved defeat, no. We put in a good performance against a tough opponent, with significant individual talents, who were well prepared with an excellent mindset and great determination. We had chances to unlock the game in the first five minutes and even after the Nantes goal. We came up against a goalkeeper in great form, making at least four decisive saves. So, no major regrets for us; the players gave everything on the field with a good mindset. It wasn't enough, congratulations to Nantes. It's another lesson for us and we know what we need to improve to prepare for the next match.

Do you fear that this match might represent a setback?

We need to bounce back. Of course, the defeat hurts, but just as we've managed to forget the victories, we also need to overcome this loss. We must learn and improve. But again, results shouldn't change the course we've set. Tonight, I'm disappointed with the result, but I have nothing to criticise the players about. They gave their all, but it wasn't enough. Now, we focus all our minds and energy on preparing for the next match.

You spoke about Alban Lafont's great performance, but were there chances where your attackers could have done better?

I haven't reviewed the match yet, but from the sidelines, I felt the goalkeeper had an exceptional game. Being so close to the goal, we need to do more. We created opportunities, the players struck at goal with determination. Unfortunately, we lacked efficiency, that's for sure. It's my responsibility to improve that. I don't believe we should look for a scapegoat. There were small things missing, and now we must be determined to score those goals.

We saw Terem Moffi more active and dangerous in his position on the right wing...

Terem had a good game. In the first half, on three occasions he brought the ball into the box and provided good opportunities for shots. It's an alternative. For us, it's an option to play him there. It doesn't mean he'll play in that position in every game. It depends on the matches and the way things go.

Do you have regrets about the move leading up to the Nantes goal?

The goal came from a long ball. We didn't handle the second ball well. As I said, Nantes are a strong team, with individual talents. Mostafa Mohamed, I knew him in Turkey when he played for Galatasaray and I remembered his qualities. He has become even more mature, sharper, and more explosive. Moses Simon is also very strong in one-on-one situations. With these players, you can limit their effectiveness, but they will always create one or two chances. Their impact is significant in a match. We managed to give little away to them, but enough for them to score and win the match.