Press conference

Farioli: "Happy with the result"

Here is Francesco Farioli's press conference following Le Gym's victory at Clermont (0-1). 

It was your 4th 1-0 win, it must be pleasing for the Italian in you...

Of course, we are happy because throughout the week, we analysed Clermont very well, and we knew their qualities. They are a team that causes problems for many other teams. We prepared the match very carefully. We knew it would be tough to come here to play. We played a very good and solid game, also with the ball. The first 20 minutes, for me, were fantastic. Afterwards, we had 10-15 minutes where we lost our structure and rhythm a bit with the ball, but then we had another very good period. We created good opportunities again, a missed penalty, a few shots inside the box. It was very important for me to have the patience to attack with order and discipline. I'm particularly happy for Romain, his assist for Hicham and his goal, and, of course, I'm happy with the result.

Can you explain the substitution of Melvin Bard with Romain Perraud at half-time?

It was a choice. You know how much I believe in Romain. I felt it was the right moment to give him an opportunity. Melvin Bard has been one of the key players in the team for a long time in all matches. Today, I felt it was important to inject some new energy on the pitch. I'm happy for Romain, his assist, and his performance.

Can you share a few words about Hicham Boudaoui?

It took some time. He had an injury in the middle of the pre-season that affected his dynamic a lot. He is slowly returning from his injury. He shows us a lot. I knew his qualities before coming here. We decided to move him (from a defensive midfield role) to a more attacking number 8 position because we know how aggressive he can be in attacking the opponent's box. I'm happy with his two goals (tonight and the one against Metz). He provides us with numerous chances in the way he pushes into the box. Defensively, he has great work rate, wins duels, and, in the end, that's exactly what we need in midfield.