Press conference

Digard: "Don't throw everything away because of the result"

Didier Digard spoke to the press following Le Gym's last minute defeat against Clermont (1-2).

Coach, is the spring broken in this team?
What do you mean when you say the spring is broken? We can disagree. I find it very hard to say that a team that had 15 shots on goals after playing less than three days ago has a broken spring. That people say that we're not getting that success anymore, or that we can't win games, I totally agree. But you can't throw everything away because of the result. When you have so many shots off on goal and you show so much, you mustn't be blinded by the result.

Was there some tiredness at the end of the game after the Clermont goal?
lermont's second goal came in the 83rd minute, at a very difficult time. We saw it after the first goal, we immediately reacted and attacked. But when you concede a goal at the end of the match, you shouldn't think that the players are superhuman either. Mentally and physically, it's difficult. I think it's a shame for the players that they are not rewarded. It's not to protect them or to try to be positive. But I don't have much to criticise them about, except for that bit of luck, which can play a major role sport at the top level.

It's a difficult time. How can you get out of this period?

We have to keep going and not give up. There are areas to be worked on. I feel that the players are very committed but also very united because they are giving themselves the means to win. They are still working as hard as they were when the results were there. The worst thing would be to want to change everything. When you work, you have to be convinced about what you are doing, there is nothing worse than panicking when things don't go well. Questioning yourself is one thing, but you have to know how to analyse and sort out these little details.

A word on Bouanani's performance, who was one of the liveliest on the pitch?
"Bad" had the advantage that he did not play on Thursday night. He had a little more juice in his legs and the opposition's system allowed him a lot of one-on-one play. That's his main quality so he came out on top. He showed his potential, as he has done every time he's been called upon. It's very good for him.

Why did you replace him?
I took him off because he is very creative but he is not yet decisive enough. It was the end, we absolutely wanted to win this game so I wanted to bet on keeping on pure strikers like Gaëtan (Laborde) and Terem (Moffi) rather than "Bad".

You decided to start Kasper Schmeichel. Is there a chance that we will see Marcin Bulka before the end of the season?
The hierarchy is clear and I have always been clear about it. Marcin knows very well that he is the future of the club, there is no debate. I don't think there is any need to rotate the goalkeeper position every weekend. Above all, I don't want to put the blame on Kasper for the bad results.

How can you get the squad to react after this run of bad results?
I'm not going to change things. I am convinced that they are doing everything they can to succeed, that they are very committed and that they want to finish the season well. We'll just keep on working and working and working.

Was there a natural fall-out after the Conference League elimination?
Of course, it takes a lot of the flavour out of things not having European football. It will be on our minds until the end of the season. But we need to finish this season well to prepare for the next one.