Press conference

Digard: "The performance was good, the victories will come"

Didier Digard spoke at the press conference after OGC Nice's defeat by PSG at the Allianz Riviera (M30, 0-2).

It wasn't necessarily the best team that won the game tonight?
Very good analysis. That's football, that's how it is. The important thing is to not go back on ourselves, we've been saying that since the start. What gives us the most certainty over time is the performance. Tonight, the performance was more than good, so I'm convinced that it will give us some good days in the future.

How do you explain the defeat? A lack of execution, a lack of efficiency?
Yes, I think so. We can always do better. But more, I don't think so because I can't fault my players in their commitment. Better, of course, in both areas, both offensively and defensively, but it would have been a perfect match because it was really a very high level match from my team. If I'm not saying anything stupid, it's been more than five years since Paris had conceded as many shots, so it proves that Paris had a very good opponent tonight.

What do you think of Dante's ball bouncing off the line by a hair's breadth?
It's infuriating. And by a hair like mine, not like Dante's... It doesn't matter, that's how it is. It (the goal-line technology, editor's note) has settled many injustices. This one went against us, but only by a small margin. If it's not completely in and that's the rule, there's nothing we can do about it. It's annoying but we'll deal with it.

You intervened at the end of the match to calm things down, did you expect this kind of situation after the final whistle?
No, I didn't expect it. I don't want my players to get caught up in it. The opponent can have reactions, actions that we may not like, but we can't pay attention to that. As soon as the referee blew his whistle, I was already focused on the match in Basel and I didn't want us to lose energy for no reason.

Do you think that your full-backs contributed enough today?
It's difficult because I don't want people to think that I'm picking on a player or that I'm targeting them because that's not the case at all. We can't say that they were really put in difficulty. We would have liked them to be a plus for the team, that's maybe what we missed today. But despite that, they weren't in great difficulty either, except for a few actions, but honestly, that's very few over the whole match.

Despite this good performance, you are 8th in L1. Does that make the Conference League even more important now?
From tonight until Thursday night, Europe is the most important thing. I love the competition too much and I love winning too much to forget about the league. Yes, I can be crazy, but as long as it's not done mathematically, I'll believe in it until the end, even in the league. Until Thursday evening, it's the European Cup all the way and from Friday morning, it's the league. But inevitably, the more complicated the league becomes, the more important the European Cup becomes.

Is the end of the unbeaten streak trivial for you or is it a momentum that is being broken?
It's not a momentum that's broken. I can't say that I'm happy but I'm much more satisfied tonight than after the match in Angers (1-1). I don't want to go back on myself, that's the worst thing. The performance is the most important thing. The performance was good, the victories will come.

Nice is defending the colours of French football, the significance of the European Cup match against Basel goes beyond Nice...
Yes, but above all, we're going to be selfish and think of Nice. We are very happy that it could benefit the whole of France, perhaps us too, but above all it is an adventure for the people of Nice and we will give everything for them.