Press Conference

Galtier: "We refocused well”

Christophe Galtier analysed the Gym's 3-0 win at Saint-Etienne in matchday 8 Ligue 1.

Coach, what is your opinion on your team’s performance? 
We played very well for the first 25 minutes, create a lot of chances, with a lot of rhythm and intensity, even if we scored a lucky goal. We put good pressure on our opponents so that they wouldn't come and position themselves in our half and put us in a low block. That's what I asked the boys to do. And then they dropped off in the last quarter of the first half. We let Saint-Etienne settle in our half, we didn't play properly, both defensively and offensively. We lost the ball too easily, we were not demanding enough in terms of taking the ball and using it, whereas there were situations where we could have been more dangerous. We had the opportunity to add to the score. At 1-0, the game was not over. At the end of the first half, we gave them hope, and that's what really annoyed me. I told the boys. After that, even though Saint-Etienne pushed forward, they changed their system and I knew that there was going to be more space which we needed in our game. I'm satisfied with the victory, with these three goals. I'm satisfied with the start, because in the last two games, the start was very average, or even not good. Here, we started well. We didn't finish well in the first half, but we refocused in the second half to avoid conceding a goal and to add to the scoreline to put ourselves in the clear.

Your team has a goal difference of +12, which is not insignificant. What are you more satisfied with: scoring or not conceding?
It is that we’re winning, first and foremost. Our model of play is to go forward. But out of the three games this week, we've only got four points. Even if tonight is a nice victory, I think it's deserved for my boys, it's not good enough in terms of the different scenarios that we've had since Sunday and the game against Monaco. Scoring goals is always a sign of a good team. It's important that our strikers score. It's important that my team attacks. Obviously, when we don't score goals, we have a good chance of winning.

Why did you put Rosario on the bench?
It's management. I was very satisfied with Khephren in the match against Lorient, who benefited from Mario Lemina’s absence (suspended). I told him before the match that he was not a replacement for Khephren, that he had the chance to express himself during the match and that we would speak to him the next day. I thought Khephren was very good at Lorient and I wanted to play him again. He has a lot of qualities, a very modern midfielder. Obviously, it was also a factor that Pablo has played lots of games recently.

Da Cunha and Guessand also gave you the depth you needed at the end of the game...
Yes. When the opponent pushes up, you have the option to drop deep or not. I took out Amine who had been playing a lot lately, and then quickly, when I saw that Khephren was starting to have heavy legs, I decided to integrate strikers to bring danger to the opponent and create more chances. We managed to create them and score that third goal which is synonymous with victory at that moment.

Was Amine Gouiri intended to be the penalty taker in case of a penalty?
Tonight, Andy would be n°1 and Amine n°2. I had a long chat with Amine, who is very emotional about the team and the points we lost. It's good because he's team-focused. But he is a player who has my full confidence. He must not suffer from the situation, but rely on it to improve and be even more impressive.

With 5 goals, he is the top scorer in L1 tonight...
That’s good.

You missed the first quarter of the second half. Why did you miss it?
Because I didn't eat very well at 1 and I ended up with low blood sugar. This happens to me from time to time. I usually have compotes next to me. Maybe the talk in the dressing room, which was far from calm, caused me to have a "hypo", which was quickly rebalanced.