Soccer school

17 teams. Some 150 players. The OGC Nice School of Football, which bears the 'Elite' label, enables youngsters aged five to 11 to play football in the red-and-black shirt. 

Axel Mazerbourg is the Technical Director and is well known in the region as a youth coach. Under his leadership, the teams have qualified coaches who have the task of transmitting the club's DNA to the Aiglons of tomorrow. Here's a look at the School's technical staff.

  • U11 : Deniz Ondeyer & Eddy Oueslati

  • U10 : Victor Bonifassi & Diego Correia

  • U9 : Jéremy Roux, Antoine Sapienza & Cédric Guiteau

  • U8 : Dylan Diringer, Cédric Guiteau & Eric Suaut

  • U7 : Guillaume Chapet & Patrice Gomez

  • U6 : Christophe Couderc &  Andréa Chanez

  • U5 : Cédric Mascaro, Gérard Filhol & Marc Mattone

Goalkeeping coachs : Nicolas Gillis, Melvin Maurice & Jean-Louis Marcadal

Performance department: Marvin Grenet

Video Analyst : Benjamin Lazaro

The Gym's School of Football has clear objectives and they are laid out to parents when they sign their child up. Primarily, it's to raise the level of rigour and competence from a young age with the aim of providing the pre-youth academy and youth academy with a wealth of talent in the future. To that end, the content of training sessions is mapped out in close collaboration with Manuel Pires (Youth Academy Director) and Titou Hasni (Pre-Youth Academy Director).

The School of Football is motivated by three goals: 

  1. Become a model for grassroots football in the county.
  2. Do well in competitions organised on a federal level. 
  3. Participate in the biggest national and international tournaments.