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Favre: "It wasn


November 19, 2017

Favre: "It wasn't bad, at times"

Obviously disappointed by the sharing of the points when he appeared in front of the press, the Nice coach Lucien Favre preferred to hold on to the positives from the Aiglons' draw against Caen.

Coach, we imagine that there must be a lot of frustration for you this evening...

Yes, it's delicate, that's for sure. It's a shame. We could have won it, we didn't play badly, we put in a couple of good team moves. We had chances, especially in the second half. To concede this goal in the last seconds, that can be avoided.

It came from a ball that was given away poorly when there were only 30 seconds to go...

You can't sum up the match just like that. If every time we lose the ball up-front, we concede at the back...OK, we lost a stupid ball but we lost others in the game. We need to be more attentive from the cross which leads to the goal.

How do you rate this game on the whole?

Our start was mixed. We then slowly took over the game. We had lots of possession, we moved the ball well. We scored a goal, and it wasn't offside, as I have heard some people saying. In the second half we lost too many balls in the middle. We struggled with their pressing, we need to move it quicker in these conditions. We lacked the speed of execution in those moments. Caen played in a 4-4-2 with a big and very athletic side. But we aren't surprised by what they offered. They are a solid side. We have regrets, but that's the way it is. What do you want to do? It frustrates me, it's tough to take.

"It's Sneijder's best game since he joined us"

You started with Walter Benitez, was that a sporting decision?

Yes. He played 2 or 3 matches before that, Cardinale was coming back from injury. For the upcoming games, we will see. I am not thinking about that just a few minutes after a game like that. But Walter Benitez played well.

What did you think of Wesley Sneijder?

It's the best match he has played since he joined us. He played higher up, supporting Alassane. He had the chances to make those assists, to shoot, by remaining nearer to the opponent's goal. He was struggling a bit more towards the end of the game with his pressing to stop the opponent from driving out but he only came back to us in the middle of this week after playing for his national side.

Despite the disappointment, do you take any positives home from today's match?

Yes of course. It wasn't bad at times. We played a bit better than in recent weeks, in terms of being probing especially. We made chances. We need to do more, of course, but on the whole the content was positive. We had the chance to score the second goal at the end. We still have a monstrous amount of work to do on moving the ball around, our interceptions and our cutting edge.