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How your club is helping!

Covid 19

April 3, 2020

How your club is helping!

Since the start of the Covid 19 health crisis in France, the entire country has seen many acts of solidarity and generosity. Active in the community throughout the year via its Endowment Fund, OGC Nice is in the field doing its part to battle this pandemic. How to help? What has already been done? Here are some answers! 

OGC Nice in the battle against this crisis

​“The club's community service is intended to work as close as possible in association with the experts in their area," explained Virginie Rossetti, the Gym's communications & brand director. “Today more than ever, we aim to be as pragmatic and useful as possible. From the very beginning of the health crisis, we examined all the institutions concerned, hospitals of course, but also the CCAS Nice, the municipal public body that works every day with the most disadvantaged, as well as the ISN (Inter Secours Nice), which brings together all the associations that help people in need. From there, we adapted our action to the immediate demand in terms of needs (multiple sweets, drinks etc. for the rare moments when the carers take a break, food and hygiene for people in most need). We have already made several deliveries, which were very much appreciated by the recipients because, even if it doesn't seem like much, it met an immediate demand, always with the aim of being useful, in the field.”

“We are at the service of and constantly listening to the social structures who know they can count on us. The Secours Populaire and the Restos du Coeur have also informed us of new needs to which we will respond as best we can. It is obvious that we will not be able to respond favourably to the dozens of daily requests which unfortunately get made to us, but in any case, we promise to do everything we can. Every link to the club, owners, managers, employees in the sports and administrative sectors, are doing their best in keeping with the family values of the club, in the good times but especially the bad times...”

How can I help? 

All partners and supporters that wish to take part in operations undertaken by the club can contact the OGC Nice Endowment Fund and make a donation. 

Donations can be made via Paypal, bank transfer or cheque..

Every single euro donated during this period will be used in this cause and invested in concrete initiatives to help those in the front line of the fight against Covid 19.

Operations already undertaken by the club​

► Donation of many sweets (lollies, chocolate bars, biscuits, sodas, etc.) to the medical staff of the CHU de Nice, in order to bring them a little comfort and to allow them to "treat themselves" during their rare breaks...

► Donation of many basic necessities (pasta, rice, canned food, milk, etc.), sweets and hygienic products to the users of the day and night reception centres of the CCAS in Nice, in order to meet the growing needs during this period.

► Donation of many basic necessities (pasta, rice, canned food, milk, etc.) to local associations continuing their distribution in the streets of Nice and members of the Inter Secours Nice (ISN), because the needs do not diminish, especially in this period when donations made to the Food Bank are lower and the difficulties of food supply are increasing for the associations (less donations made to the Food Bank due to closure of supporting grocery stores).

► The Club also encourages its supporters to continue to donate their blood at the various collection points set up by the EFS (Établissement Français du Sang) of which the Gym is a partner through the "Don du sang Rouge & Noir" (Red & Black Blood Donation).

Find your local collection point by clicking here.

United in the face of crisis

Les Anges de la baie de Nice

​Solidarité 06


En cette période un peu particulière, nous tenons à remercier @ogcnice pour leur générosité et leur réactivité. En plus d'être fort sympathiques, ils ont su montrer qu'ils font partie du paysage niçois solidaire. Comme vous le savez, nous sommes une petite association indépendante. Nous n'avons pas de subvention ni de dons de structures de façon régulière. L'OGC Nice sont les premiers à être venus vers nous de cette manière dans cette période de crise. Comment ? Ils nous ont fait des dons alimentaires grâce auxquels nous pouvons cuisiner les plats et continuer nos maraudes pour nos sans-abris. Alors un énorme merci Grâce à vous, nos amis de la rue peuvent avoir quelques plats chauds supplémentaires #LESSOLIDAIRES06 #COVID19 * * * * * #solidarite #solidarite06 #ogc #ogcnice #association #nice06 #nice #nicecotedazur #frenchriviera #cotedazur #help #humanity #humanité #france #foot #aider #merci #love

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​Le Café suspendu Nice


Aujourd’hui, nous souhaitons remercier @ogcnice et @fondsdedotationogcnice En effet, @fondsdedotationogcnice a décidé de nous venir en aide durant cette période compliqué pour les associations et les bénéficiaires. Pour ce faire, le fond de dotation nous a fait dons de pâtes, spaghettis, sardines, babybel et sauce tomate. Merci pour votre générosité et votre soutien Le monde change chaque fois que quelqu’un partage #nice06 #nicecotedazur #niceday #niceville #niceview #cotedazur #cotedazurfrance #cotedazurnow #frenchriviera #frenchrivera #frenchrivieraplaces #frenchrivieralife #association #maraude #maraudenice #sdf #sds #benevole #donateurs #soupe #merci #soutien #coronavirus #coronavirusnice

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Banque Alimentaire des Alpes-Maritimes

CHU de Nice 

CCAS de Nice 


With the support of INEOS...

OGC Nice owner INEOS is also doing its bit to fight this virus by constructing a factory in just ten days that will manufacture one million bottles of hydroalcoholic gel per month during the crisis. This comes after opening similar factories in England and Germany. 

► Click here for all the details.

… and Nice’s former players and supporters!

And during this global health crisis, the Ultra Briganti supporter group have launched their online fundraiser to help the medical staff in Nice’s hospitals.

​And from where he lives in the USA, where he plays these days for El Paso, Alexy Bosetti is also helping out his hometown with his own fundraiser!