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J-P Rivère: “Mario has our full support”


February 12, 2018

J-P Rivère: “Mario has our full support”

On Saturday evening at the Gaston-Gérard, Mario Balotelli reported that he had been a victim of racist chants, to the extent that the stadium announcer was required to make an announcement in order for it to stop. 

We took the time to consult with the different parties before speaking about this”, explained Jean-Pierre Rivère. “We deplore the fact that Mario had to suffer another instance of racism. It’s inexcusable, and you have to remember that this isn’t the first time since he has joined our league. He has our full support.

As Olivier Dall’Oglio, the Dijon coach said we aren’t protected from “one or two morons“. This is a sentiment that we share and Mario didn’t wish to add anymore to that after the match. The Dijon fans are not used to this. I have no reason to cast into doubt the good faith of the directors at Dijon, nor to heap this on them, given that they are just as much the victims of this incident which could happen anywhere. We are all convinced of the same thing, racism has no place in a football stadium, nor anywhere else.”