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Duration : 4'15

February 18, 2020

The Mèfi Club’s first trip to Toulouse

Last Saturday, the young supporters from the Mèfi Club went on their first away trip as a group. A 50-strong party travelled the 1000-odd kilometres by coach as if it was nothing. They gave their voices, their hearts and their souls in the stand, just metres away from their older counterparts to whom they never stopped replying. They celebrated Lees-Melou’s goal, Benitez’s penalty save, and Herelle’s goal that put the game to bed... After a superb moment with the players after the match, the youngsters returned to the most beautiful city in the world, filled with the feeling of experiencing an incredible away trip. The pride of having set the tone within Le Stadium. And with the certainty of experiencing new adventures in the future...

More information : www.meficlub.com