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OGC Nice launch Endowment Fund

A major actor in supporting the region for 15 years, OGC Nice today takes another step forward with the creation of an Endowment Fund.

OGC Nice is not only a model club in Ligue 1. It is also a major contributor to charitable causes in theregion. Mobilised since the start of the 2000s, OGC Nice intensified and structured its participation in the community in 2011, under the direction of its new president, Jean-Pierre Rivère, by concentrating on two main causes: “children” and “closeness".

Closeness, by acting with everybody who is in need: the organisation of meals for the people of Nice in unstable situations, collections of sandwiches, clothes and toys at the Allianz Riviera, the organisation of the Employment Forum, and blood giving drives…

Children, by supporting, on a daily basis, pichouns in difficulty and their families. Hospital visits, coaching of young children with either mental or physical disabilities, surprise visits from players, support for smaller organisations that support children... Everything is put into place in order to create a special moment for these families. 

In each area of its key programmes:  “Gym Solidaire”, the “Employment Forum”, the “Red and Black blood drive” for the closeness side of things, “Les Mercredis de Lenval“, “Children without pain”, “You+I=OGC Nice” for the children aspect. 

Investments that were rewarded by the Prix FDJ Ensemble pour le Handicap 2014 and the Trophée Philippe Seguin in 2015.

“We are fully aware that a football club has an important social role to play”, reminded Jean-Pierre Rivère. “Every year, we lead 500 acts of charity, with most of these being away from the camera. We wanted to go beyond that, to have even more of an impact. The creation of our Endowment Fund was the logical next step. We will now be able to attract external funds by linking up with private partners and the general public who share our values. With their support and confidence, OGC Nice will have supplementary means to be even more useful for all people in need, and to bring smiles to their faces, to bring comfort but also solutions to their problems.” 

The Endowment Fund is now open for donations, for companies and individuals. Key supporter of the “Gym Solidaire” programme for the past 3 seasons, Alassane Plea has already got the contributions started. The forward has committed to provide 1% of his annual salary to the OGC Nice Endowment Fund.

More information: fondsdedotation@ogcnice.com