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May 24, 2021

Ursea: 'Mission accomplished'

Following his last match as Head Coach of OGC Nice at Lyon (3-2 victory), Adrian Ursea gave his appraisal of his time in charge in his post-match press conference. "Mission accomplished. I haven't stopped repeating that the lasting impression that we leave is very important. It's very good to finish like this. It's a huge performance, the result makes me happy. I am very happy for the players and for the Club. I have a real thought for the staff who have accompanied me since 4 December. They have stayed by my side and the team. Together, we were able to do some great work. I am very proud. I would like to thank them personally."

A real man of the club, Adrian gave his thoughts on this adventure as a n°1. Detailing that there is no sadness, because the end "is part of our job. Especially because everything has been very clear for me since 4 December. I have always said that there was a mission that was set for me. We needed to do everything to make it come to fruition. It wasn't easy. We have been through some very difficult moments. The only thing that people perhaps didn't understand, is that I wasn't holding a magic wand. I needed a bit of time to work and put things in place. It wasn't possible in December, January and February. As if by luck, when we found time to work and to look at the things we were talking about, results came and that allowed us to get out of the very difficult situation we found ourselves in."

"For now, I will take some time off, concluded Adri’. I will get some rest because I need it. Then I will take a look at the opportunities that will present themselves. There are things to take away, but for now, I will savour it and finish. After a few days off, we will move forward."