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True story

April 22, 2021

"It's incredible"

An amazing tale of the incredible work done by volunteers in the devastating wake of Storm Alex, and an a remarkable find.

Alex. In the Comté, his name will never stir up ordinary emotions following the storm that ravaged our hinterlands last October. The Niçois and the club quickly rallied round to help those affected, and still work to this day on the reconstruction of the Roya, Vésubie and Tinée valleys. There are numerous Nice fans among the associations, including Christophe, who — working in the ruins of the Breil stadium — found a shirt signed by Olivier Boscagli with the message, 'For Jean-Pierre, my first coach'.


Christophe mentioned this to Philippe Roustan and Gil Marsalla, who started the 'Week-Ends Solidaires' initiative, and they contacted the club to see if 'Jean-Pierre' could be found. Le Gym then contacted their former defender, who joined PSV Eindhoven in 2019: "He's called Jean-Pierre Cottalorda. I'll find someone you can contact and get back to you." Olivier did, and added a signed PSV shirt too.

Le Gym gave that information to Week-Ends Solidaires, and they found Jean-Pierre, who left with the two shirts. "It's a miracle," said the man who coached Boscagli in Beausoleil when he was five years old. "We should go to church. It's amazing. It's a surprise. It's incredible. Even the signature can still be seen. This shirt will stay like that, unwashed…thanks to the volunteers, to OGC Nice and Olivier."