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Muguet charity sale for little Lys

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April 20, 2021

Muguet charity sale for little Lys

The Petite Fleur de Lys charity, supported by OGC Nice in 2018-19 as part of the ‘Children without pain’ program, has organised a charity sale of the Lily of the Valley flower (Muguet) to raise money for Lys, suffering from serious neurological illness.

Lys, 10 years old, suffers from the CDKL5 mutated illness that provokes severe epilepsy and seriously handicaps neurological development. In 2019, OGC Nice donated €2,200 to the charity to help Lys.

Her family are continuing their battle and organise various fund-raising events to help cover the costs of her medical treatment.

On 1 May 2021, the ‘Petite Fleur de Lys’ charity are organising the sale of Muguet flowers to raise funds for the young girl.

OGC Nice will take part in this event and offer muguet flowers to the ‘Les Anges de la Baie de Nice’ (a club partner as part of the Gym Solidaire program) to help Nice’s homeless population.

We invite the entire Rouge et Noir family to support this initiative to aid Lys.

Important information:

  • 4€ = 3-stemmed bouquet
  • 6€ = 3-stemmed bouquet + 1 rose
  • 8,5€ = 5-stemmed bouquet + 1 rose 
  • 10 € = 5-stemmed bouquet + 1 orchid

To order, send your email to: laigneauf61@gmail.com

What is ‘Children without pain’?

Inaugurated in 2005, the goal of the ‘Children without pain’ program is to raise funds and awareness for the small, local charities working in favour of hospitalised, ill and handicapped children.

Once they become a member of the program, these charities become a part of the Rouge & Noir family and, as such, receive the club’s support and Le Gym stands by these charities well beyond the season of their initial integration in the ‘Children without pain’ program.
Since 2005, ‘Children without pain’ has contributed to numerous projects for a total of over €300,000. Aiglon with a big heart, Pierre Lees-Melou has been the patron of this historic community project since the 2017-18 season.