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Press release

January 12, 2021


We would have liked not to have to write these lines. We thought that, having lost his head during a tense game, Frédéric Antonetti would have come to his senses afterwards and acknowledged his error of judgement and made amends vis a vis a child of Le Gym. And by extension to a club and its fans who have only ever shown him their support and affection.

We have given it the necessary time and let water flow under the bridge. But nothing has come. After the insults of Saturday evening has followed a silence which is just as shameful.

While certain observers were amused this weekend by yet another outburst, the contempt it showed for a member of the Rouge-et-Noir family did not make us smile one little bit. Following the repetition of such outbursts over time, it does not surprise us any more either.

Cardi is a "laughing stock"? OK, well, seeing a goalkeeper commit himself long-term to the club where he came through the youth academy and whose colours he has brilliantly defended at the top of Ligue 1 is rather a source of pride.

Also, if Yoan's place is "in the stand", where is that of an educator who has forgotten himself in front of the whole of France many times for years? In amateur football?