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Vieira : « In the second half, I could have substituted 8 players »

After Toulouse 0-2 Nice

February 15, 2020

Vieira : « In the second half, I could have substituted 8 players »

Patrick Vieira didn't mince his words in his post-match press conference after his team's win over Toulouse (0-2). The Nice coach did not like his team's second-half display that he felt should have been much better given the numerical advantage they had.

How do you analyse that second half?
Like you, because I'm struggling to understand our performance even though we had a man more, and that my players did not respect the things we had talked about. I'm hugely irritated by the second-half display.

You were very annoyed when Toulouse were awarded the penalty...
Because you could see it coming, from the time in the second half when we kept giving the ball away in our half of the pitch. We didn't track back well. The players took it easy, and that caused us problems. Fortunately Walter stopped the penalty, otherwise we would have really looked stupid this evening.

How do you explain that? Is it inexperience?
We have a young squad that lacks experience, but there are still limits, and this evening we very nearly passed them.

Did you celebrate the win in the dressing room?
We're still happy we got three points, because we needed them, but we have always placed a premium on the quality of our play. This evening, it's positive we got the three points and that we didn't concede a goal, but there is a bitter aftertaste because of our second-half display.

Why did you take Alexis Claude-Maurice off so quickly?
In the second half, I could have substituted eight players. I decided to take Alexis off, because I needed more penetration, and he was a little tired tonight.

Is it a win that puts you back in the hunt?
That's secondary, it changes from one weekend to the next. I've always said, and I'll repeat it, that for us to improve we have to improve our play, and this evening, we didn't exist in terms of our standard of play, especially with 11 against nine!

Have you ever been as annoyed after a win?
Not as much as this evening.