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Club to inaugurate ‘Community Stand’ in near future

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February 7, 2020

Club to inaugurate ‘Community Stand’ in near future

Presented during the fourth edition of Think Football, the charity work of OGC Nice will soon be enlarged with the creation of a ‘Community Stand’ for use by charities at home matches at Allianz Riviera. 

The sporting world of Corporate Social Responsibility met at the INSEEC U. Sport in Paris’ 15th arrondissement on Wednesday for an event organised by News Tank. On the agenda was a presentation of the best examples of, and debate surrounding the theme of, community service by the various players in the sports industry.

Having already received two Philippe Seguin Trophies, in 2015 and 2018, OGC Nice is a reference in the area. Invited to present the club’s strategy via its Endowment Fund, Virginie Rossetti, director of Club Communications and Brand, reminded the specialists present that “the club conducts a huge number of community events and only a tiny number receive any media coverage, because our desire is to do show our solidarity every single day, not necessarily on a national scale, but enough to put a smile on a face.

OGC Nice undertakes each of these events as part of larger programs: “We don’t believe in one-off, isolated actions. Everything we do has a long-term goal with well-defined themes that correspond to the Club’s values: children and proximity.” You + Me = OGC Nice, Give Red and Black Blood, the Employment Forum at Allianz Riviera and Solidarity Gym are examples  “always featuring the OGC Nice name or colours.


While they are created by the club, the entire OGC Nice family (supporters, former players, young players from the academy, partners, staff...) take an active part in these programs, which feature the professional players as patrons. The first-team players are high-profile mouth-pieces, but the choice of players is anything but arbitrary: “We work with every single player to understand their ambitions, what is important to them, concerning the different causes that we support, because it’s only by looking for this real motivation and connection, that we can find a player becomes truly committed to the cause.”

This constant activity for the community saw the creation of the OGC Nice Endowment Fund two years ago “to go even further and give even more power and scope to our operations courtesy of the possibilities opened up by this fund-raising tool. It is this constant search to make a difference that will see us inaugurate, in association with our equally committed partners, a ‘Community Stand’ at Allianz Riviera in the very near future, where the tickets will be reserved for and made available for charities,” revealed Virginie Rossetti.