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Vieira: “We had our backs against the wall”


November 3, 2019

Vieira: “We had our backs against the wall”

Patrick, it’s a win that will do you a lot of good...

We needed it, we needed the confidence. This win will give us something to work with in the week. We saw that we were lacking in confidence. We were restless for certain periods in the match. We played with too much self-control at times. We struggled to let go and we could’ve been more aggressive in attack at times. We were playing with the handbrake on but that’s understandable given our lack of confidence at the moment. 

Despite these three points, whistles were heard at the end of the match...

The whistling is disappointing but I understand it. The supporters want to see us play, an attacking side with energy, I understand that. We need to earn back the confidence. We are in a complicated and difficult period. Today the three points were more important in the manner by which we won them. The manner will come later, We will get some important players back this week. The returns of Stanley (Nsoki), Adam (Ounas), Kasper (Dolberg) will  give the squad confidence...

Did the whistling have an impact on your players?

Of course, because apart from Dante, it’s a very young squad. Very few of them have played at the highest level and for them, it’s difficult to manage. The players accept this reaction because they know that they need to do more. But during the week the supporters asked them to give the best of themselves, which they did this evening with all that they can at the moment.

Are you reassured?

I am by the spirit that we showed. We had our backs against the wall and I saw the players rally together and double their efforts. But then again, we can do an awful lot better in terms of our play. And we’re going to do so, I’m sure of that. The way we played doesn’t disappoint me today because I know where we were at in terms of confidence before this match. 

And Herelle’s substitution?

He felt a small issue at the back of his leg. I hope that it isn’t serious and he will be able to train with the squad on Tuesday.