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“For Ratcliffe, Come on, Come on!”


October 18, 2019

“For Ratcliffe, Come on, Come on!”

Present at the Allianz Riviera for the first time on Friday evening for the match against PSG, Jim Ratcliffe discovered the Nice supporters.

Arriving on the bus with the coaching staff and players, Sir Ratcliffe was welcomed to the ground by Jean-Pierre Rivère, with backing vocals provided by the young supporters from the Mèfi Club.

Accompanied by his brother Robert (President of INEOS Football), his sons George and Sam, his daughter Julia and his nephew Raul, the President of INEOS then headed to the Populaire Sud.

From the platform in front of the fans, he was able to appreciate an ovation from the Rouge et Noir faithful. In one sole voice, the 33,000 supporters sang “for Ratcliffe”.

Sir Ratcliffe is now able to return to the stands for his first match inside the Allianz Riviera, which was kicked off with a Dantean clapping.