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What a family reunion!

An evening with OGC Nice at the Nikaïa

September 20, 2019

What a family reunion!

Officials, shareholders, directors, staff, players, partners, supporters, members of the Mèfi Club: On Thursday, the whole of the OGC Nice family came together at the Palais Nikaïa for an exceptional evening.  

“115 years, it’s a long history, but today, we are a very young club. We said to ourselves that in order to kick off the new era, it was time for us to come together and to bring together all elements of the club‘s family, because family is the most important thing.” Stood on the stage with a microphone in his hand, President Rivère quickly set the scene for an evening that promised so much.

On Thursday, all of these promises were kept. All of the elements of the Red and Black world were called to the west of Nice, to the Palais Nikaïa. And the world really shone. In an arena that is used to attracting stars from all over the world, the focus was on Le Gym, and “a heritage that belongs to all Niçois“, said Christian Estrosi. And what was planned to be a meeting quickly turned into a communion, under the watchful eye of Bob Ratcliffe, who “thanked the Niçois for their warm welcome” and reiterated his ambition “to strive for excellence in order to place Le Gym at the very top of the league and Europe in the next three to five years”.  

In front of almost 3,500 peeople, the 2019-20 squad was presented to the crowd. Led by Coach Vieira, the members of the squad received an incredible ovation.

The atmosphere notched up even further when it came to welcoming Kapser Dolberg, Adam Ounas, Alexis Claude-Maurice, Stanley Nsoki, Hicham Boudaoui and Khéphren Thuram, the newest faces in Le Gym’s squad.

During a truly special evening that came to a close with a superb “clapping”, ‘Nissa’, the club’s brand new documentary was previewed for the fans. The room was filled with rhythm, songs and applause as the fans watch back the key moments of this first edition dedicated to “a new adventure”.