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Gauthier Ganaye: “We can continue to believe”

April 7, 2019

Gauthier Ganaye: “We can continue to believe”

Gauthier Ganaye walked through the mixed zone after Les Aiglons’ victory over Montpellier (1-0). The President of OGC Nice provided an update on recent news.

President, what did you make of the match this afternoon?

It was a great match. Once again, we had control, the ball and a lot more chances than usual. The score could have been a lot more. We were very good technically, there was selflessness and at the end we had to hold on and we never gave up. We also had our fans who, from the first to the last minute, were truly exceptional. We now have seven matches, including four at home. If we reproduce these performances and we have this kind of support, we can continue to believe. It’s a good piece of news. 

Nice possibly had its best match this season…

I think so.

European qualification, is it an objective or a bonus?

As I said, there are seven matches to go. We need to be within firing range in the final two. For the time being, we are in transit time…

Would you like to react to the rumours concerning the Ratcliffe family’s possible purchase of the club?

We haven’t learned much. We found out that somebody wanted to buy the club and that the current owner didn’t want to sell. There isn’t a lot of information, apart from the fact that the general public has now discovered the name behind the offer. Unsurprisingly, I spoke with Chien (Lee, President of the OGC Nice Advisory Board) and the other investors as soon as the article came out. He had no desire to comment on the story, for the simple reason that he has said and repeated that: they are here for the long term. If he begins to comment every time there is an article published, we will be doing so every three days just to say the same thing. More than words, it is of course, actions that count. Something that you can see in recent weeks, as we have reinforced the organisation with the arrival of several people. I think that says more than anything else. Then, I ask myself about the timing of these articles, with two days to go until an important match in our season. We can ask ourselves if the people behind these articles really act in the interest of the club. I will let the people that speak, speak. We are here, we are working, we have a plan and we know where we want to go. And we will continue in that way.