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Livia, the story of the first supporter born this year


January 8, 2019

Livia, the story of the first supporter born this year

The large Red and Black family has welcomed its first supporter of 2019!

On Tuesday 1st January 2019. 10.40am. In a rush to see the light of day, Livia decided to surprise her family when she was born at her grandparents’ apartment. “We didn’t have the time to go to the hospital at L'Archet“, laughed her dad, Florian. “We had to call an ambulance. It was a funny New Year’s Day!”  

Travelled to Nice deliberately for the birth  

In the same way as for her big brother, Giuseppe (20 months), the small family that are based in Pau decided to head to the Côte d'Azur for the big day. “As a Gym fan, I couldn’t see myself marking any other city than Nice on her identity card“ delighted her dad, who rushed to get the formalities in order the day after the birth. On the to do list? Registering the birth at the Town Hall, but above all, going to buy his daughter’s first Nice shirt. 

“I did my best”

On the back of her shirt, her dad, who was born in Nice, printed his little daughter’s name (53cm and 3kg 872 at birth) and a "06" as the squad number: “I have done my best so that they become Nice supporters”. It has to be said that in the family, the love for the Gym is passed on from generation to generation, given that the parents are Louis and Georgette, whose love story began in 1952 at the Ray and moved the whole of the Red and Black family last spring. 

A first for the big brother on Saturday 

Forced to follow the Gym away from home “at Toulouse or Bordeaux“, Florian will leave his wife Brigitte at home looking after Livia on Saturday. With the excuse being OGC Nice. In fact, for the visit of the Girondins (at 8pm), little Giuseppe will make his debut at the Allianz Riviera. A first story that he will be able to tell to his little sister ...