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Vieira: “I am very disappointed”

January 6, 2019

Vieira: “I am very disappointed”

Patrick Vieira spoke of his disappointment after his side’s elimination from the Coupe de France in Toulouse.

Coach, the score is pretty heavy...

Yes, it is heavy but the score isn’t important in a cup match. It’s the elimination that hurts us. It’s a huge source of disappointment.

How would you explain your difficulties in the first half?

Our first half was insufficient. We had too many players that were distracted. We struggled a lot down the left. 2-0 at half-time made things more complicated. The change of system in the second half gave us ten interesting minutes but it wasn’t enough in the end to hope to get back onto level terms. 

We knew that the main danger for Toulouse would come from Gradel, but being warned of it wasn’t enough...

We left them their most dangerous chances down their right. Athletically and defensively, we weren’t good enough. And when we had the ball, we weren’t brave enough. We were made to pay for it. I am very disappointed.

Can you manage to take away some positive things from the evening? The performance from Eddy Sylvestre for example?

Yes, it’s my only source of satisfaction this evening. He struggled in the first ten minutes, that’s to be expected, it was his first start for the team, but then he felt better and better and he showed some interesting potential and a lot of personality. Technically, he is very comfortable.