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Patrick Vieira: “A reflection of our home games”


October 22, 2018

Patrick Vieira: “A reflection of our home games”

Patrick, can we say that your side lacked that clinical finishing today?

Unfortunately, tonight’s game reflects our recent home games. In terms of content, we are pretty good, but we are lacking the finishing of our chances. Allan, like Mario and Myziane, lacked a bit of presence in front of goal in the final 30 metres. We didn’t make the right choices with the final ball. We need to continue to work, we are creating chances but are missing that thing to drive them home. It’s frustrating because in terms of the content, we matched up to a very good side, who have experience and a collective dominance. We caused them problems but we weren’t able to score that goal during our stronger moments.

After the break your side struggled to keep the same rhythm…

In the first half, we were good but it’s true that after the break we suffered physically, especially the three up front. When you allow OM to have the ball without pressing them, it becomes difficult for all of the team.

How did you rate Mario Balotelli’s return to the side?

In the same way as the rest of the side. Very good in the first half but struggling physically after the break. He needs to continue to work in order to refind that rhythm.

You started with an attacking trio of Balotelli - Saint-Maximin - Maolida for the first time. Why did you go for this attacking choice?

We had our back five, as well as Wylan (Cyprien) and Adri (Tameze) in front. We needed players up front who could cause them problems when we had the ball. As we dropped physically, it became more complicated.