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Cyprien: “I put the odds on my side”


December 8, 2017

Cyprien: “I put the odds on my side”

After an hour (and a goal scored) for the Reserves ten days ago, Wylan Cyprien played his first “full” pro match in nine months on Thursday in Arnhem. Here’s what the Nice midfielder thought of his comeback and how he felt.

Wylan, there must be a bit of disappointment this evening when you are competitive...

Disappointment yes. We had the desire and motivation to go out and get a result here, despite the fact that the coach rotated the side. In the end, it was a bit difficult, the lack of rhythm, automatisms, with players that we are not used to playing with given that there was a lot of turn over. On the whole, it’s satisfying, even though there is an little negative note at the end given that we conceded and we lost the match. But it allowed those who haven’t had a lot of game time, to go out and get some, to pick up confidence and to be able to show themselves, to try to earn a place in the upcoming games. I hope we will continue the step forward we have made against Metz and Toulouse.

You are back in competitive football. During your absence, everybody at the club was impressed by the work you put in...

I had quite a bit of determination, yes. I wanted to come back as quickly as possible. Football is my passion, to be off the pitch, that’s what makes me suffer the most. I put the odds on my side to come back as quickly as possible. Today, I feel ready to get going and to help my teammates until the end of the season.

You surprised us by playing the whole of the game!

I put the work that I needed to put in to be ready for this type of confrontation. I am not surprised about what happened. Now I need to recover, to be able to play again and to be available as soon as possible.

“For 3-4 months, I worked like crazy”

How did you feel?

I feel good. Once the rhythm has come back, it will be fine. I am not saying that the level will be the same straight away, but you quickly get back your sensations. Once I will be there physically, I will be able to help the team. Nantes on Sunday? I am not rushing it, I think it’s important to stay on one match a week for the moment. We will discuss it with the coach, I will allow him to decide in the end, I will be ready if he wants to include me in the squad for Sunday.

Could we say that your season will really get going from January?

Exactly, for the moment, I am in rehearsals in a certain way. With the end of the year coming, I will relax for a few days during the festive period, it will be good for me too, because for 3-4 months, I have been working like crazy. I will come back as new, with new legs and a new head too (smiles).