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December 8, 2017

Favre: 'Some pleasant surprises'

Speaking in the post-match press conference, Lucien Favre analysed the performance of his young side at the Gelredome: "We could easily have drawn this match, or even have won it," explained the Nice coach. "We should have had at least a penalty, it was obvious, even a second one in my opinion. Unfortunately they weren't awarded. We played a very solid match. We had many young players out there tonight. We also had chances to score, but we didn't take them."
Concerning the young players on the pitch, Favre refused to be drawn on individual cases: "I don't want to single any players out. But yes, there were some pleasant surprises. Overall, it was very positive. We know certain players, but others have played very little until now. We are still lacking a few things, but we played very well in passages, passed the ball and combined well, directed play well from midfield. But we lack a bit of decision making in the final third: shooting, one-twos, more runs into the penalty box."