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J-P. Rivère speaks to students and then entrepreneurs


December 1, 2017

J-P. Rivère speaks to students and then entrepreneurs

“Does success exist?”, was the question asked by the Fédération des Associations et Corporations Etudiantes du 06, during a conference organised by the CUM. Jean-Pierre Rivère was invited to share his experience as a business and club director in front of a group of students. After having reminded the delegates that the best success a man can have comes from his family, he defined work as “the key element for professional success, linked with the fact of needing to have convictions. You can’t hesitate to do things differently to others, and you can’t fear failure”, he insisted. “You need to believe, to say that nothing is impossible, that certain defeats can be used to write future victories, to know how to focus on the positive element of each situation.”

On Thursday, participating in a round table on “collaborative intelligence” which opened the Salon des Entreprenariales at the Allianz Riviera, the Gym’s President placed importance on a director’s role being “the conductor of an orchestra” when managing a company, with the confidence then coming from performance: “You need to know how to recognise what we don’t know and find other skills. Then, you need to share a project, to get people on board and to instill confidence in your colleagues so that they have that freedom to act and innovate. To give them the keys, but at the same time keeping the necessary control.”