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Favre: “5-1, it’s very good”


September 15, 2017

Favre: “5-1, it’s very good”

Coach, it’s the ideal way to start this Europa League!
It was, of course, important to start with a victory. If we analyse the match, the score is maybe a little bit misleading however. We had chances but they had two at the start of the game, from just 3-4 metres out, if they scored one of those, then it is a completely different match because we would then have been chasing the game. With 3-0 at half-time, it is very good for us, but then we conceded after a minute of the second-half, we need to be careful because that gives the others impetus. They had a great chance to make it 3-2 and that again would have changed everything. You never know how that may have turned out, you know what football is like… Our 4-1 came after a broken down move. The essential things were done tonight, it was a good match but there are things to improve on.

You kept the same 4-4-2 that you played against Monaco which worked well again…
For the moment, due to comings and goings, the players available, it’s the system that suits us the best. What will happen after, we will see. We need to gently bed-in the new boys. It will take time because they are not used to playing like that.

On the whole, you haven’t really suffered at all this evening.
Apart from the start, no. We scored at the right times. But as I said to you, their first chances were clear-cut, I will rewatch the match on the plane to analyse that in more detail.

The only thing that spoiled it was your start to the second period?
No, you can’t exaggerate with the term “spoil”. 5-1 for our first match in the Europa League is very good. But we always want to do better, to improve certain things. We scored 5 goals, we moved the ball around well, we had good possession. We have lots to improve, which is planned but we can’t work on everything at the same time.