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"Very proud to be a part of this club!"


September 9, 2017

"Very proud to be a part of this club!"

Putting in a huge performance against Monaco, Mika Seri stopped in the mix zone to give his analysis. Aside from the victory (4-0), the number 6, captain at kick-off, declared his pride at being a Gym player. 

We saw the real Mika Seri...
When you belong to a club, you need to give everything for the club. This is what I am trying to do from now on.  

Your failed transfer to Barça, can it make you even stronger? 
It hit me a bit, as a player who dreams big, but it didn't knock me off balance. If today, we can play like we did, it's because we are strong mentally, and that means that I have forgotten everything. A new page has turned, you have to put that in your head. That is what I have done.

"The club loves me and gives me a lot, just like its supporters" 

Is this what you needed to kick off your season? 
Not even. But I wanted to play well and to win with my teammates. It's a derby, you always want to win games like that.

Can this win allow you to refind your form?
We wanted to comeback. And to do that against one of the best teams in the league, there is nothing better. Today (Saturday), I think we have started our season. We were knocked out by Napoli, that took a lot out of us. We managed to pick our heads up, so that's great.

The fans chanted your name, how does that make you feel?
I am very grateful to the fans. It always makes you feel good when the fans are like that behind you, when they love you and support you. We need to give our all for them and for the club who have given me a lot. I am very proud to be a part of it, they love me a lot and bring me so much, just like the fans. We hope that the adventure will be great in the days to come.